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Fan Fiction
Under The Cherry Blossom
Posted by Hanzelnut | Jumat,25 Juli 2014 at 19:59
Kim Namjoo (Apink) | Kim Jongdae / Chen (EXO)
Under the Cherry Blossom


Love could be unpredictable. But sometimes behind that, there is a little treasure that people could worth dying for. Maybe those funny moments, accidents and memories that are made unexpectedly. Love. A word that some people hate, some people adore and some would just ignore. Well, this story is slightly different, a pinch of hatred and jealousy but a bucket of love was just about to pour into these 2 ordinary people’s love story. It might be difficult for them to get through at first but just wait till you see the ending, oh you might be thinking this could happen in real life, especially your life if you’re reading this story. 


► A Man loves a girl when she’s outgoing, lovable, petite and polite towards people and the most important thing is pretty. Well that’s just an exception but the others are a must. But this young lad thinks the opposite. 


► A Woman always imagines her dream guy who's protective over her, romantic, good-looking and spends more time with her. The last one's quite hard if the man was busy but the others would be just fine. Let's see if this young lady would accept that her long lost mate that isn't quite the man she's looking for.



Characters :

Kim Namjoo // Joo

A Pink

A petite and bubbly girl who loves fashion and traveling. She just graduated from a Fashion University back in her hometown Seoul, South Korea. She wants to be either, a model, a singer or an actress. She pushed herself to the limits to get the best job she could have and that one tiny dream became true. Being accepted as a fashion model is a big thing and she promised herself not to ruin it.

Kim Jong Dae // Chen
A young laddie who is really full of happiness and never runs out of it. He finds himself in the world of entertainment. A professional and international photographer, a hobby he always loved since his dad introduced him a proper camera that he could have for his own. A hard job but he takes it full of passion and joy.


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