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To Where The Birds Fly
Posted by KaptenJe | Rabu,16 Desember 2015 at 12:55
Luhan, Kris, Kai and Sehun of EXO | Hoya of Infinite | Kim Hana, Kang Soyul (OC)
To Where The Birds Fly

CHAPTER 1 : Covered In Black

I kept staring at this guy. He isn't moving an inch from that particular spot, only his eyes glared this way and that. He saw me and acted as he didn't.

'What a punk'

I went inside and decided to buy some everyday needs and hot chocolate. It's kind of chilly here in rainy season. So I took my rain coat, umbrella and my bag. As I stepped to the wet side walk, people started splashing waterto my jeans. I quickly cleaned it up and walked with a fast pace to the zebra cross.

People pushed and squeezed me and as they walk, I finally can breathe again. After getting myself together, I looked back at the covered-in-black guy. He was gone, vanished. Megician? Maybe, but I don't know for sure.

I went across and came to a stop at a mini market. I bought my everyday needs and also my personal needs. After walking out, I walked against the people rushing towards home. It was still raining heavily and cold. Suddenly, I came up to a coffee shop and bought a hot chocolate. With all the heavy groceries, I still pushed myself to walk in the heavy rain.

While enjoying my hot chocolate, I didn't even realize that I was at the zebra cross. Still busy with my groceries, I then realized that I was the slowestcrossing the zebra cross amongst the others. But it wasn't worthed keeping up with the pact.

The light turned green and everyone turned around looking at mewith screams as a container truck came upon me with a fast pace.

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