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Fan Fiction
Posted by pawpetclinic | Rabu,25 Desember 2013 at 10:33
jung yonghwa as yong hwa and kim goo in, seo joo hyun as seohyun, #romance


The next morning before going to campus Seohyun took the call Yonghwa .

Yonghwa phone rang right next to him, Yonghwa was still asleep in bed, the phone rang continuously, Yonghwa realized it was a call from Seohyun and he was soon lifted.

"Ne Hyuunn ~"

"Good morning yong .. did you sleep well? "

"Ne Hyunn.. but still a little tired, what's your activities today?"

"As usual yongg I'll be going to campus this morning and after it came into SM to exercise our comeback preparations, quickly got up yongg. Do not forget breakfast! "

"Hyunn fighting, ahhh  if only I could take you to campus today and I just wanted breakfast made ​​by you hyunn"

"Eyyyy .... then quickly back to korea"


"I'll call you later again yonngg, manager oppa is waiting. bye bye saranghaeyo yongg "

"Bye bye .. nado saranghaeyo hyunn"


-3 days later-


CN Blue and Yonghwa finally back to Korea after 3 days on vacation in Japan. Not to forget Yonghwa bring a souvenir from Japan to his family and Seohyun as a Christmas gift later.

At home, Yonghwa gives message to Seohyun.

"hyunn I've been in Korea, and I'm currently in the home"

Seohyun who happen to have been completed on schedule and are on the campus cafeteria immediately reply to a message from Yong.

"Welcome to Daehan Minguk hehehe"
"you'r home?"
"Anioo ... I'm in the campus cafeteria, waiting manager oppa to pick me up, maybe manager oppa still busy and will be a little late to pick me up"
"If so I'll pick you up, wait for me there, and told  manager oppa that I'll pick you up"
"Jinjjayo? Arassoo I would say the manager oppa don't need to pick me up "
After that she immediately update to manager oppa that Yonghwa is going to pick her at campus.

On the other hand Yonghwa was ready with her ​​camouflage clothing so as not to recognize the people.

Seohyun was in the basement of her campus because she knows Yonghwa will pick her up.

But, something disappointing happens, Yonghwa saw Seohyun wearing a jacket in the relics of Goo In, his shadow that always makes Yonghwa jealous.

-Kim Goo In is a very influential figure for Seohyun, he isn't an entertainer or idol, but he is a hard worker figure, success at a young age and he is a person who will marry Seohyun. This news has been known to SMEntertainment, and indeed after marrying Goo In Seohyun will be leaving her job as idol. But because of his illness he died at a young age, died one month before the wedding. But it seems this is the way of life that make Seohyun finally met Yonghwa and Seohyun continued her work as idol.

After being reunited in a television show, Yonghwa and Seohyun indeed be close, even after the show was declared finished.-


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