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How It Works?
Fan Fiction
Posted by KaptenJe | Minggu,29 September 2013 at 17:42
Yang Yoseob, Original Character

CHAPTER 1 : Superstar :)

Yang Yoseob’s POV:


I woke up by the sound of birds singing. I groaned and stretched. What a sunny day today. Anyways, I’m Yoseob. Yang Yoseob is my full name. Just a normal guy. Nothing special. And no, I’m not a sheep lol. I’m 22 years old. And just like other fanboys, I’m in love with Kim Heeyoung. If you don’t know who she is, I believe that you live under the rock.


She’s in a girl-group called Silver Crystal. She’s the main vocal, maknae of the group, and face of the group. She’s also producer, song-writer, and actress. Multi-talented, huh? I know. She’s got that amazing personality too. Even though I haven’t met her… yet ;). Oh and let me tell you, she’s freaking damn beautiful. She has got that silky brown hair, hazel eyes, perfect nose, soft pink lips, and perfect S-line body. What?! I’m a guy. It’s normal, okay? Well, maybe not. Since I’m too cute to handle. (Lol what am I saying?).


She’s also 22, like me. I’m older than her by the way, 2 months older. Kekeke~ Not that I have a chance with her or anything. I mean, come on, she’s a superstar and I’m just… A plain guy? I also heard that she kind of close with Luhan from EXO. I don’t know if they’re actually dating or just close friends.


I decided to go to the bathroom and just take a quick shower and go downstairs. Hmm, I smell kimchi…


“Good morning, Joker.” I greeted Junhyung as I walk into the kitchen.


“Good morning, Seobie. Want some?”


I instantly nod with a huge smile on my face. He laughed and shook his head. And gave me a plate of kimchi and rice cakes. I sit on the chair in the dining room and enjoy my food. I was enjoying my pancakes when Junhyung sat right next to me and I could feel that he’s staring at me. I turned to look at him and raised my eyebrow, “Wae? Why are you staring at me?”


He shook his head and sigh, “Well, I wasn’t actually staring, I was going to ask you something.”




“What are you gonna do today?” he asked me.


“…I don’t know. Why? I mean, you don’t usually ask something like that and look… I don’t know, worried?”


He smiled sadly, “Yeah, I was kind of worried of you. It’s weekend, Yoseob. I mean, I work on Fridays and Saturdays, and I think I just can’t stand it to see you in the apartment all day long while waiting for me, since your work is on weekdays. Why don’t you go to the mall or beach? Have some fun? With Gikwang or Doojoon? Or maybe just leave the house?”


I frowned, what is he trying to say here? I’m confused. “What do you mean? You want me to… Leave this apartment?”


“Not like that! I mean, you spent too much time on TV and internet to find out what’s up with Kim Heeyoung. It’s not healthy for your eyes. No offense, Yoseob. Heeyoung’s amazing but you should think about your own health too.” he said sincerely.


I sighed, “I think you’re right, Junhyungie. I need some time for reality. I can’t live in imaginary world, forever, right?” I chuckled sadly.


“Oh, of course I’m right.” Junhyung joked.


I smiled and shook my head. Yong Junhyung is so weird.


“Oh well, I think I’m going to the beach. Alone. To think and just relax.”



Kim Heeyoung’s POV:


“Eonniee, are we done nowww?” I asked with full aegyo.


“Naww, Heeyoungiee, neomu gwiyeowo! And yes, maknae! We’re done, wae?” Yong Sora, the leader of Silver Crystal asked.


“Anii, I just wanted to ask what are we going to do today to our manager oppa, hehe.” I chuckled.


“Aishh, this kid. Always using aegyo to get what you wanted.” Kwon Hana, the main rapper of Silver Crystal, said while sticking out her tongue to mock me.


“At least it worked on Sora eonnie! Ha!” I pouted.


Nam Eunha, the main dancer of Silver Crystal chuckled, “Ooooh Hana, buuuuuurrrnnn!!”


Then we all laughed because of our super-duper-so-not-funny-joke.






“So, oppa! What are we going to do, today?” I asked my manager, Jang Hyunseung.


“Nope! You guys have a day off today! Luckyyy!”  He sang weirdly.


Yes! Finally! I really need a day off! I’m going to the neatest beach! Alone! Annyeong!”


I was about to open the door when Hyunseung oppa stopped me, “Yah, Kim Heeyoung! Jamkkanman!”


I instantly turn around, “Ne, oppa?”


“Wear a disguise. You can’t go out like that. You’ll get mob by fans and you’ll cause a scene! The paparazzi, I mean.”


I sighed. Sometimes I’m tired. You know, being famous. I get mobbed every time I didn’t wear any disguise. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fans with all my heart, but sometimes I need some privacy too, you know? And paparazzi, I can’t stand them! They followed everywhere! Like, hello? What if I need to be alone? And they always made something up! Like, me and Luhan are datingWe’re just friends! Maybe best friend, because I’ve known him when we’re still a trainee since we’re in the same entertainment. SM Entertainment.


Oh, I’m sorry! Almost forgot to introduce myself. I’m Kim Heeyoung. Yes, I’m that girl on TV, magazine, and ect. I’m 22 and I travelled a lot. We, as in Silver Crystal are going on tour next week. Just Asia tour. Promoting our new album, Beautiful. Also our new main song from that album, NoNoNo. That’s why we have to practice harder than before.


I went back to my hotel room, grabbed a hat and my favorite sunglasses. I think that’s enough to be unrecognizable. Lol, long word. I better get going! Today is the only day off!


Yang Yoseob’s POV:


Finally, after 30 minutes. Hello there, beautiful beach! I got off of my car and looked around the beach. It’s so crowded here. But not too crowded, though. What should I do now?


Swimming? No. 
Tanning? What?! No.
Running? Again, what?!


There’s a Starbucks there! Maybe some cold coffee could help me chill and relax.


I instantly run to Starbucks -I know I’m weird- but suddenly I hear someone called my name. I glanced behind me -still running- and saw no one. Oh well, I think my head is just plain crazy and that’s just my imagina-





Kim Heeyoung’s POV:


Ice Chocolate from Starbucks! Yumm :9


I pushed the exit door open while sipping my drink. Just when I finally outside of Starbucks, my phone buzzed. I unlocked my phone and read the text from Myungsoo. Yes, Kim Myungsoo . Infinite’s visual, L. He’s also one of my close friend. Be jealous, Inspirits ;).




“Heeyoungieee! can we meet lateeer? need ur opinion about what should i wear to my cousin’s wedding, since u knew her already and also since u’re a girl i think u know which tux looked good on me, right? i need to be purfh-fect~ kekeke~ :p 4pm kay? DON’T MAKE ME WAIT. Kekeke~    






I laughed at his text, he’s so weird and hyper sometimes. And no, he’s not gay. He’s just like to messing with me by texting me with a girly feeling into it (wait, what? xD).  I was about to text her back when someone run into me and knocked me on the ground. Literally.




 Just then, I felt something wet on shirt. Yep, my Ice Chocolate spilled all over my jacket.


“Oh my God! I’m soo sooo sooooo sorry! I’m really clumsy sometimes! Here, let me help you.” A cute voice said.


He offered his hand, I took it and he helped me to get up.


“Your shirt… let me buy you a new one.” The guy said worriedly.


I look up to him, “No, it’s okay reall-


“I don’t think so, I mean, you’re wearing white shirt and… uhh, you know…” he trailed off and scratched his neck awkwardly.


I look down on my shirt and… I could see my stomach clearly. Not good.


I instantly cover my shirt with a tissue from Starbucks. But it didn’t really help. I mentally groaned. What should I do now, then?


“Or maybe…I have, uhh, a spare t-shirt, in my car. I’ll get it for you…?” the guy spoke suddenly.


“Well, okay then. But I’ll go with you. I don’t wanna look like an idiot standing in front of Starbucks with chocolate all over me.” I joked.


He chuckled, “I was hoping you to say that. I don’t want you to stand here like an idiot but I also don’t want you to think that I’m going to kidnap you. And I’m really really really sorry about your shirt and jacket.”


I rolled my eyes playfully, even though he couldn’t see my eyes. I’m still wearing sunglasses, remember?


“I’m sure you’re not a kidnapper. And It’s okaay, thanks… uh…”



Yang Yoseob’s POV:


“I’m sure you’re not a kidnapper. And It’s okaay, thanks… uh…”She trailed off.


Right, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet.


“Oh, right. I’m Yoseob. And you are?”


She hesitates a little but answers anyway, “Heeyoung.”




“Oh, nice to meet you.” I smiled.


She also smiled, “Nice to meet you too.”


“Anyways,” I opened my car door and grabbed my purple t-shirt, “here. And uhh, you can change inside my car if you want. I’ll be outside.”


“Sure, kamsahabnida.”


She went inside my car and I turn around. I really want to hang out with her. I mean, I can’t go back home now. And I don’t know why, she looked, somewhat… familiar? Oh well. But I just can’t go back to my apartment, it’s too lonely.




“Ne?” she said from inside the car.


“I accidentally spilled your drink back then, so, how about I buy you another one? And we could hang out after?”


I heard the car door being opened, “Yeah, sure. Why not?”


I turned around and I can’t take my eyes off of her. I can’t believe my eyes. She’s…



Kim Heeyoung’s POV:


He just stands there and stares. Do I really look that bad with oversized t-shirt? Or… maybe… he recognized me? Oh no.


“Uhmm, why are you staring…?”


He looked away and blushing- wait, blushing? Aww.


“N-no, Yo- you just look really s-stunning. That’s why…”


This time, it’s my turn to blush. “Thanks…” But I think he said that ‘cause he knows who I am.


“Well, what are we waiting for? Leggo!” he pointed to Starbucks then started to run. I laughed all the way to Starbucks. This guy is something else.


He pushed the door open and let me walk first. What a gentleman.


“So, what do you want?” Yoseob asked.


“Hmm, Caramel Frappucino.”


“Good choice, I was going to order that too. Why don’t you go find a place to sit and I order? The line is kind of long, so…”


“Trying to get rid of me? Geurae.” I joked.


“Aniyo! I mea-


I laughed at his worriedness (Lol, what?), “I know what you mean, I was just joking.”


He rolled his eyes, “Whatever, shoo!”


I chuckled and find a place to sit. Well, there’s an empty sit in the corner! I love sitting in the corner!


After a while, Yoseob finally brought our coffee. “Tadaa! Here, your coffee, ma’am.” he said, while putting our drink on the table.


“You’re so weird, Yoseob-sshi. Kamsahabnida.” I chuckled.


“You’re welcome, Heeyoung! And please don’t be too formal, because my instinct told me that our age is not that far.”


I chuckled, “Really? How old do you think I am? How old are you anyways?”


“My instinct told me that you’re…. 18? Yeah.. I think you’re 18. And I’m 22.” He said proudly.


I shook my head and laughed at his wrongness (lol), “Aniyo! I’m not that young! I’m the same age as you actually.”


“Uwah, jinjja? When’s your birthday? Mine’s January 5th!”


“March  9th, oh well, it means you’re my oppa then!” I chuckled.


He laughed, “Well, you could say that.. So, what are we gonna do now?” I asked.


“I honestly don’t know…”


“Hmm, what about 21 questions? I’ll go first! What’s your full name?”


I turned to look at him and raised my eyebrow. I thought he knew I’m Kim Heeyoung? Maybe he’s just pretending? But his face is really… innocent?


“…You don’t know?”


He looks at me strangely, “No? I mean, we just met?”


I look around Starbucks and Thank God I choose to sit in the corner. I take a deep breath and take off my hat and my sunglasses.



Yang Yoseob’s POV:


I froze. She’s…Kim Heeyoung? The girl I’ve been dying to meet? In front of my eyes? The girl who’s wearing my shirt is… her? The girl that on my poster? The girl of my dreams? I THINK THAT’S WHY SHE LOOKED FAMILIAR! Her


“Y-you’re… her.


“I guess…” she smiled small.


“You look… p-prettier than I t-thought. J-jeongmal, neomu yeoppeo…”


She blushed, “Gomawo…”


“You know… I’m a big fan.”


She grinned widely, “Jinjja?! Wow, well, today is your lucky day then! Chukkhaee!” she joked and gives me her aegyo. So cute….


“Anyways, why don’t we do aegyo battle instead? Since we’re both cute!” I said with a little bit of aegyo.


She laughed, “You’re right! Oppa, neomu gwiyeowo. Jinjja!”


I could feel myself blush. I mean, she called me oppa and said that I’m really cute! Can I just die today?



Kim Heeyoung’s POV:


I laughed at his story about pranking his best friend, Junhyung. Yoseob is amazing. He didn’t treat me differently after he knew I’m actually Kim Heeyoung. I feel like I could be 100% me around him. I feel comfortable. And he even made feel like I’m just Heeyoung. Not the famous Kim Heeyoung.


Just then I hear my phone ringing, I check the caller ID first,




I clicked answer, “Yeoboseyo?”


“Noona! I already put my tux on my bed for you to choose and I even ordered pizza! It’s already here but where are youuu?” he whined like a child


“Eomeo! Mianhaee! I totally forgot! I’ll be at your house in 10 minutes, arasseoo? And what did I tell you about calling me noona?”


“Neee! Ppali! I said ‘don’t make me wait’ but you actually made me wait...”


“Aaaaaaishh~ paboyaaa mianhaeee, I’ll bring you ice creaaaam? Please don’t mad at meeee.” I said with full aegyo, hoping that Myungsoo will fall for it.


“Aishhh, you’re just like Sungjong. Using full aegyo. Arasseo arasseo! Just come here now!”


I hang up and turn to Yoseob, “Mianhae oppa, I really gotta go now.”


“Oh, gwaenchanha! I don’t wanna hold you back.”


“Well, uh, I really want to hang out with you, if I have a day off, so, I’ll give you my number?”


Shocked painted on his face, “What?! You trust me enough to give your number to me?”


I chuckled, “Yes. I mean, I’m borrowing your shirt and you’re a great frien-


“Fan.” he cut me off.


I rolled my eyes playfully, “You are obviously more than a fan. You’re my new friend and oppa! So, give me your phonee.”


“Here.” He took out his phone from his pocket and gave it to me, I tapped my number on it and saved it as Youngie :)


“Done!” I said as I handed him, his phone back.


“I’ll call you or just text you?” Yoseob asked cutely.


“Both.” I said chuckling.


I stood up and give him a hug, “Gomawo for today, oppa.”


I pulled away and waved at him, “Annyeong oppa! I’ll see you soon!”



Yang Yoseob’s POV:


“Annyeong Heeyoungie!” then I watched her walk away until she’s out of my sight.


I was right about her. Her personality is amazing!


She’s so down to earth, caring, kind, friendly, nice, cute, comfortable to be around with, and just… amazing.


I still can’t believe I talked to her! AND SHE HUGGED ME! Fanboy feels~


She looked 1000000000 times beautiful in person. And she said she wanted to hang out with me, soon? Unbelievable.


This is the best day EVER! I’m glad I listened to Junhyung.


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